What Is A Birth Centre?

Start your pregnancy with confidence when you partner with medical staff who treat birth as a natural process.



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Celebrate Natural Childbirth With Friends Of The Birth Centre

Natural childbirth is universally accepted as the gold standard for optimal mother and child outcomes so why is it becoming so hard to achieve? Friends of the Birth Centre believe in providing the best pregnancy information and continuity of care to mothers and their partners to facilitate an empowering birth experience regardless of the outcome. Our volunteer organisation was formed to support and promote the safe, ideal, low cost natural birthing environment offered by birth centres within the public health system. Your Birth Centre midwives strive to assist you to achieve the birth you want and support you on that journey.

The Birth Centre difference: empowering birth in a home-like atmosphere, within a secure hospital environment, with midwives you know and trust.

Pregnancy information which asks what you want, not just tells you what you need

If you are searching for the ‘best obstetrician Brisbane’ then why not consider what you are really after? The Birth Centre is part of the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and is designed to offer mothers’ support from mid pregnancy to birth and beyond. If the idea of a natural childbirth appeals to you, why not talk to a midwife at the Birth Centre to learn more about the possibility of a safe and successful birth in an intimate, home style environment? The midwives will be able to tell you all about the facilities available, including private rooms with double beds, and large birthing pools for the option of a water birth in Brisbane or Queensland.

Let the experienced team of Birth Centre midwives partner with you to deliver your child safely then join our community of mothers for natural parenting support which lasts a lifetime. Friends of the Birth Centre celebrate the wonderful beginning a birth centre birth brings.

You don’t need an obstetrician in Brisbane to get a private room and the best care available

Obstetricians are specialists in birth complications so their reputation as ‘the best’ stems from challenging and unusual births. If you are at low risk of complications and want a safe, positive birth experience then take a tour of the Birth Centre birth rooms and discover how a private room, your own birthing pool, aromatherapy, a private bathroom and a team of midwives working closely with you is available for free. This public service is funded according to demand so Friends of the Birth Centre is dedicated to promoting this fantastic option for anyone looking at maternity hospitals in Brisbane or Queensland.

Browse our birth stories or come along to a morning tea to discover how your birth can begin with a celebration and continue with the friendship of the most wonderful mothers groups in Brisbane and Queensland.

Why Choose A Birth Centre

      • Continuity of care with a team of midwives you know will be at your birth
      • All appointments and hospital costs covered by Medicare
      • A private room to labour, birth and bond with your baby in
      • A range of natural birthing tools and pain relief options
      • Post birth breastfeeding support and in-home visits

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